Turbo Tornado: Open World Race is a mobile game in the open world racing genre. It became available on Google Play on October 22; There is no information about the iOS version.

Turbo Tornado offers racing against bots and probably real players through the city at night. At the same time, when cars skid or turbo, they receive special effects directly borrowed from Need for Speed ​​Unbound. Also, some other gameplay elements are reminiscent of NFS Unbound.

Among the disadvantages of Turbo Tornado, I would like to note the controls, which always come first in racing games. Despite the acceptable graphics and inspiration from Unbound, you go through every turn gritting your teeth due to the lack of smoothness and normal physics.

In general, Turbo Tornado is not the first time that GRAYPOW studio has flirted with major racing franchises. Thus, the game Rally Horizon is reminiscent of Forza Horizon in name, gameplay and style. And while players rave about the graphics, they also complained about the controls.

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