Truck Simulator World is a mobile game that appeared on the App Store on July 30, 2023, and on Google Play on October 13. This is a truck driver simulator with “mobile” graphics and the ability to control your avatar outside the truck. The control is completely manual, you can even set the gear shift. And if it’s snowing or raining outside, the wipers will help clear the windshield.

Truck Simulator World is in the top of Google Play among free games. It offers different countries, including Belarus and Moscow. Unfortunately, there is only one route available to Vyazma and Minsk; There are no roads into the “outback” of Russia.

Truck Simulator World is not only praised, but also criticized. For example, at the start the player uses a virtual steering wheel to control. It is very inconvenient, so immediately switch the controls to the arrows.

Also, despite the presence of turn signals, emergency lights and other elements of the car, the developers did not add traffic accident fines for improper driving. Players also note that if you turn and a bot car has to give way, it will still drive into you. Some gamers also came across an “invisible wall” on the Moscow-Minsk road. Developers should spend more time optimizing the project.

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