The DLC is currently available on PC and will be released on consoles on October 26.

Meet the dictator… that is, the doctor! Calm down, Tropicans, the mobile medical unit is taking over. There’s nothing to see here. There’s nothing to worry about either. Don’t panic and vote for El Presidente!

In the new add-on for Tropico 6, the leader of the island nation will have to take care of the health of the nation, as a virus is rapidly spreading throughout Tropico. El Presidente is once again determined to control the populace using all appropriate means, including such new items as a mobile squad of doctors, a medical checkpoint, a colossal hospital, and a medical mortar.

Tropico 6 – Going Viral is available now on PC. The console version of the DLC for Xbox One, Series X|S, and PlayStation 4|5 will go on sale on October 26.


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