Team Bithell Games released a visual novel trailer TRON: Identity. In the video, the developers announced the release date of the game – April 11.

Action Identity takes place in a new Web, forgotten by its creator. Recently, an unusual crime was committed here. Starring – Request (Query), a detective program that must find the culprit and find out what he stole.

To solve the case, you have to interrogate suspects and study the environment. You can join forces with a particular character, or you can, on the contrary, erase it. Regardless of the choice, you will have to solve puzzles to get the lost memories of the heroes.

The authors are working on the novel Thomas Was Alone And Subsurface Circular. They promise beautiful illustrations, thoughtful world and non-linear plot.

TRON: Identity Coming to PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. There are no plans for Russian localization.


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