After the release of EA Sports FC Mobile, publisher Electronic Arts began developing other football games. Meet EA Sports FC Tactical. Previously, it had already undergone a trial launch in the Philippines, and now the game has appeared in new countries: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Indonesia, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden.

You can play EA Sports FC Tactical on Android, and pre-registration is available on the App Store. Unfortunately, it is not possible to register in Russia. Perhaps EA will not release it in the Russian Federation; support for the Russian language is also not indicated.

According to the App Store, the release is scheduled for January 18, 2024. New players must be knocked out through the gacha system; The developers worked hard on animations and pictures to attract players. Moreover, there are several banners, much more than in anime gachas.

To win in EA Sports FC Tactical you need to increase the overall team rating; if it is lower than the opponent’s, then the game will warn before the start of the match.

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