Gaijin Entertainment conveys that with the release of the update “The Age of Drones” in War Thunder the legendary Soviet attack aircraft Su-25, known by the nickname “Rook”, will appear. The plane was presented in a video to the song “Blood Type”.

The Su-25 is an easy-to-manufacture and maintain front-line attack aircraft. The machine provides support to the ground forces and can operate even from poorly prepared airfields. The aircraft is equipped with a 30-mm rapid-fire cannon, and a ballistic computer allows you to effectively drop unguided weapons from low and medium altitudes. Also available is an arsenal of air-to-surface guided missiles.

The Rook pilot is in an armored capsule made of steel and titanium armor. The front part of the canopy glazing is also armored. Partially armored fuel tanks. The Su-25 will survive a burst of heavy machine gun fire into the cockpit area, and in other cases even hits by aircraft and anti-aircraft shells or shrapnel.

“Rooks” is one of the symbols of the war in Afghanistan. It was there that the first prototypes of the Su-25 were tested in 1980, and the first production aircraft went there. During the conflict, Su-25s made more than 60,000 sorties. In this case, only 36 cars were lost, and in most cases the pilot survived.

“Rook” is in service in more than 20 countries around the world – from Azerbaijan to Ethiopia. AT War Thunder not only the original, Soviet version of the machine will arrive, but also the export model – the Su-25K.

In the update trailer “The Age of Drones” sounds a cover of the song “Blood Type”, recorded by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra and the choir exclusively for War Thunder. The premiere of the track is dedicated to the double anniversary – in 2022 it turned 60 years old Viktor Tsoi and 40 years of the Kino group. Vocalist – musician, journalist and game designer Pyotr Salnikov.

Read more about the Su-25 in particular and the update in general on the official website of the game.

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