Space Wander is a mobile tower defense game that had a trial launch on Google Play USA. Basically, gamers will go through missions where you need to destroy the alien base faster than they can do the same to your base. To do this, you need to summon units and call for missile strikes for energy, which accumulates over time.

But that’s not the only thing to do in Space Wander. In addition, players will equip their base by completing training missions. Also, the collection of heroes will gradually increase.

Unfortunately, VIP status has been added to Space Wander, which affects the speed of obtaining energy and materials. Also, one of the downsides is the training, where they lead you by the hand and show you the basics of gameplay. The developers also promise a PvP mode, which opens as you level up your account.

I note that already from the 3rd mission it will be difficult to destroy the base of alien bots – it destroys every unit in 2 hits, like towers from the MOBA genre and games like League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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