Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal is not out yet, but TouchArcade this did not prevent access to an early version. The gameplay was tested on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPad Pro (2020), so it’s still difficult to understand how this game will behave on Android.

In general, Blood Money is considered one of the best parts in the Hitman series, at least if we do not take into account those parts that came out after Hitman: Absolution. So it’ll be interesting to see if Reprisal can evoke a touch of nostalgia among veterans and introduce newbies to an icon of the stealth genre.

Hitman: Blood Money was released in 2006, and an HD remaster appeared in 2019 on PS4 and Xbox One. The author of TouchArcade notes that the Xbox 360 version of Blood Money is ungodly outdated, but the HD version still feels good even on the Xbox Series X. At the same time, he considers Reprisal the best of the “trinity.”

The point is several control options, support for high FPS and innovations, which in theory could give Blood Money – Reprisal the proud title of Definitive Edition. The author of TouchArcade believes that Alien: Isolation for iOS and Android also seems to be the best version of this game across all platforms.

If you played the original Blood Money, then Reprisal will seem like an improved version. Despite the advantages described above, additional features can be disabled at will:

  • Auto-recharge;
  • Instinct;
  • Minimap;
  • Simplified strangulation;
  • And much more.

You can also enable original aiming or highlight objects with which you can interact; Just right for casual gamers and streamers.

As for the graphics settings, there are 3 of them – energy saving, performance and maximum graphics. If you have an iPhone 15 Pro, then setting 4 is also available – “Performance+”; it allows you to play at 60+ FPS. Reprisal was also praised for its accurate and high-quality cloud saves in iCloud.

We are waiting for the release of the game on November 30 and more reviews.


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