Today – October 11, 2023 – the official release of Total War: Pharaoh took place on Steam. The new game from Creative Assembly was not particularly liked by fans and received “mixed” reviews on Steam and Metacritic. According to players and Gambling addiction the strategy turned out to be boring and completely unnecessary to complete – exclusively for fans of Ancient Egypt.

Foreign sites also shared their opinions about the game. IGN rated variety of battles, historical context and unique content for each faction. A Eurogamer highlightedthat Total War: Pharaoh is perhaps the most sophisticated of the games in the series. But less doesn’t mean worse. On Opencritic the game scored 78 points based on 24 reviews, and on Metacritic — 76 points based on 34.

As a result, the game looks more like an add-on and an unfinished project than a full-fledged story of the series. Fans are calling on Creative Assembly to return to work on Total War: Pharaoh and at least improve the situation a little. But the studio is probably too busy with shooter Hyenas.



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