Playing an online game that implies any element of competition, by default, already means exposing yourself to unsolicited criticism, and sometimes very inadequate. Well, you probably know what I mean. And in CS:GO, perhaps, you can get a lot of criticism: dead teammates, who sometimes have a level of development not far from seeds, can talk to you and watch your actions. And when you are the last survivor in the team, and all the other four are looking after you … This is really sweet.

Each of us watched this hundreds of times and was ready to tear the surviving teammate to shreds for wrong actions, many probably indicated which weapon should be taken, and criticized the use of grenades in a one-on-one battle. By the way, when you are the last player, this attitude is very annoying …

However, in addition to inadequate replicas, there are also very useful ones. So here is a list of the best tips (of course, with censorship) from the evil, nasty teammates, who, in fact, are not so stupid and stuff.

“Don’t Reload”

Shooters, especially single-player shooters, taught people to reload after every kill. There should be a full store – this reflex has already been instilled in the players, like Pavlov’s dog. However, the first thing a newbie to CS:GO should do is to get rid of this habit. Most of the weapons here have a reload time of two to four seconds; during this time, someone can jump out from behind a corner or pass through the area you are guarding. But more importantly, at close range, the reload sound gives away your location. So think what’s best: a full magazine and an enemy who knows where you are, or an almost empty weapon, but the enemy will remain in the same ignorance?

Don’t underestimate how much you can do with four or five bullets. Usually three shots not to the head are enough to take health from 100 to zero – and towards the end of the round it is generally unlikely that someone will have 100 HP.

“Do not imitate violent activity”

flash grenade in CS:GO
A very common mistake, picked up, as a rule, from tournaments on streams: just quickly press left and right. Ask yourself: what are you doing? It makes no sense or tactical value. Just because someone does it doesn’t mean it’s good. Oh, the school taught me to write off, and now it drags where it shouldn’t!

No, experimenting with what you saw somewhere is good. But it is much better to understand the benefits of each maneuver and then repeat it. For example, backing away from your own flash grenades during the entrance is, of course, reasonable, but is the point where you threw this grenade good in this case?

“Don’t throw that grenade”

CS:GO game
Snap the ring back on. Like this. People have too much confidence in frag grenades, and most start taking a point with them. However, sometimes the realization comes and sometimes it doesn’t: a grenade won’t kill anyone. Even if you put this grenade in the enemy’s mouth, it will only deal 57 damage to them. If you’ve played too much CS:Sourcewhere grenades knocked out a maximum of 72 damage against armored opponents, then you have to retrain – here even a perfect throw will do as much as two bullets.

In so many situations, especially in a one-on-one confrontation, your rifle will kill someone faster and safer for you than any suppression grenade. “Flash drives» are often useful, but also unreliable: you can’t be sure how well you blinded someone. Believe me, you will win much more if you leave the gun in your hands, and not reach for the grenade key.

“Don’t turn three-on-one into multiple one-on-one”

CS:GO game screenshot
It’s easy to win when you’re in 3-on-1 or 4-on-2. And in order for thiseasily» turn into «almost impossible”, you need to organize your team so that the enemy can face you in such conditions as he needs. If you are defending the explosion point from an enemy, your goal is to guarantee a life exchange by positioning the enemy to cross Player B’s line of fire to kill Player A.

“Are you afraid of your own gun or what?”

CS:GO gameplay
Pistols in CS:GO are extremely useful. And no, that’s not sarcasm. In the current build, the only CZ75 automatic pistol is indispensable for close range, when you pray for the best, because the AWP and M4A1-S have already run out of ammo. Even with a price change of $500 – that money can buy two grenades – this little thing remains powerful and ideal for those who are afraid to rush.

“Why are you on the courts?”

CS:GO screenshot
This advice is insanely old, but, oddly enough, a lot of people tirelessly practice walking in a half-crouch. This gives a huge advantage to someone who watches the corner where you appear.: first he will see your peeking weapon, then your knees, and then he will kill you before you can even peek out. If you need to check an object, your method is a quick look: look out, revealing yourself as little as possible, and return as quickly as possible, once you have assessed the location of the enemy.


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