Five years later, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues to surprise and delight its fans. There is no role-playing game yet that can match the number of awards, ambitions and storyline of the game.

During the journey, players will encounter many characters, visit many exciting places where they will need to take breaks to enjoy the scenery. New discoveries on the lands of Velen and Skelling await players. Each marker on the map reveals to us a piece of additional content that can further add something new to the already outstanding worldbuilding.
As with any RPG, the biggest surprises in The Witcher 3 happen in the outback. Every cave, crevice, or hut you pass by on your travels must be explored. You have no idea what you can find there.

The game has many secret locations that you must discover and explore on your own.

10. Vizima’s secret room

After completing the introductory section in the White Orchid, players will be transported to Vizima’s palace, where Emperor Nilfgaard entrusts Geralt with the task of tracking down Cirilla.

The palace is the smallest location in the game. But even if there is little space for research, this does not mean that there are no secrets to uncover. One of them is a secret room.

As you walk around the courtyard, use Geralt’s witcher sense and you’ll notice that the brick on one of the stone pillars will be highlighted in red. You will realize that this is a secret switch that opens the door to a secret room.

The room itself is small and the only things inside are a treasure chest and a skeleton holding a letter. After reading the letter, you will find that the bones belong to Roderick de Wett, a character from the first game.

9. The resting place of a vampire

resting place of a vampire
Novigrad is a bustling city located in the north. He plays a key role in Geralt’s story. Despite the fact that there is already something to do here, it is worth going to the maze of sewer tunnels that snake under the city. The labyrinths are teeming with necrophages and other nuisances, but even this dark area has its bright side in the form of the Tome Entombed side quest.

You can get into the sewers at the entrance near the Oxenfurt Gate, then start the descent. Keep going, fighting annoying drowned people, breaking walls on your way, and in the end you will come to the wall highlighted in red.

Behind this wall there will be a cave where you will see a scientist who cannot open some tomb.

He wants to find an important book that is rumored to be here, but the local vampire is very angry because he was awakened centuries too early.

8. Ghost ship

ghost ship
The Skellige Islands are full of mythology and monsters, but the most notable part of this area is the miles of stormy sea that separate each of the islands.
Other than a handful of treasures that have sunk and scattered across these waters, there is no reason to travel here. But here is the opportunity to see a very rare sight that no one wants to miss. To see this spectacle, the best option is to sail in the eastern waters between An Skellig and Hindarsfjall

If you set sail around 1am, you have a chance to see a majestic ghost ship emerge from the water and sail across the sky before returning to its watery grave. This event is so rare that the developers included it in a series of tweets dedicated to the 11th anniversary of The Witcher.

7. Cave Breaking Bad

Cave Breaking Bad
What’s a video game without Easter eggs? The little pop culture references certainly make the war-torn lands of The Witcher 3 a more interesting place. And you can find a link to the Breaking Bad series hidden in the secret room.

To the north of Novigrad there is a water cave, in the depths of this cave Geralt finds a hidden laboratory where two skeletons lie. After examining the bodies, he found an alchemist’s notes that shed light on the history of the skeletons.

The notes state that the alchemist’s assistant, Jester (a resemblance to Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman), had “ONE task”. He was supposed to create a spell for Golem to guard the lab. But, due to his incompetence, something went wrong, as a result of which this creature killed them both.

And what was the purpose of this secret laboratory? It’s simple – to produce a highly addictive drug in the world of The Witcher, which should alleviate the suffering of a doomed couple.

6. Secret painting

secret picture
If you are interested in the hidden areas of a video game, you need to dare to go to the farthest outback. But in the case of the expansion The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, to get to the desired location, you need to go beyond the game itself.

Toussaint’s sunny landscapes evoke a visual delight that beckons to be explored. But the top of Mount Gorgon, seen in the distance, is unfortunately inaccessible, and it is here that you can find the right place, but it cannot be reached by conventional means.

To climb this peak, players need to install a free camera mod. This will allow you to travel around Toussaint without restrictions and teleport Geralt to places where he could not reach before.

Once at the top, players will be able to admire the stunning scenery. And the sight that no one wants to miss is a lonely canvas on an easel. If you get closer to him, then a group photo of the development team will appear on the canvas.

5 Killer Bunny

killer rabbit
In the town of Benek, located east of Velen, Geralt stumbled upon an old man who claims that he has a power with which he can read the hero’s future. However, he first needs to visit a hidden cave nearby to get some Dragonroot, which is where the Truth in the Stars quest begins.

The entrance to the cave is surrounded by mountains of bones and blood. Of course, something evil lives there and this is not just a flock of ghouls. Among the blood, a lone snow-white rabbit proudly sits. This is a reference to Caerbannog the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Although this rabbit does not attempt to attack Geralt, it is invulnerable to his sword and signs, which is a risk to the hero. Just like in the 1975 movie, the only way to defeat the enemy is with a bomb. Fortunately, any witcher bomb will do here.

4. Bonfire Dark Souls

Bonfire Dark Souls
In the Blood and Wine DLC, players have the chance to leave the colorful lands of Toussaint, travel to the Land of a Thousand Fables, and enter the Beyond Hill and Valley quest.

However, players will only be able to access this part of the game if they make the required choice during the Night of the Long Fangs quest.
If the necessary conditions are met, Geralt will enter the world of storybooks, which is full of references to classic fairy tales. In a place of bean groves and yellow brick roads, there is a secret cave with a reward for those who find it. After defeating the giant boss at the top of the beanstalk, Geralt will meet a certain light. Following this creature, you can get into this hidden cave, where there is a special fire. A familiar sight for Dark Souls players takes place there, where Geralt kneels by the fire to rest after defeating the boss.


The CD Projekt Red team paid homage to the sensationally popular Game Of Thrones with their game. But to see the secrets of the Game of Thrones, you need to take a closer look at the pirate castle on Caer Almhult in Skellige.
After arriving, you need to break through a lot of bandits and go down to the dungeon, where you will need to fight a flock of enemies in order to take the key to the cells from them.

After that, you can open the door of one cage, and there, fans of the “Game of Thrones” will find a familiar scene. The corpse of a gnome (similar to Tyrion Lannister) lies on the floor of the cage. This recreation of the famous scene in which the smart dwarf was imprisoned in a cell, Geralt even joked about the gnome not being able to fly.

2 Fart Trolls

fart trolls
The world of The Witcher is filled with many charming and terrifying creatures. However, rock trolls, despite their resilience in battle, are not so scary at all. In fact, they are funny goofballs that add frivolity to Geralt’s adventures.

Entering the cave, located on the snowy road between Arinbjorn and Caer Muir on Aard Skellig, you will hear a trio of trolls who have just finished their meal. Unfortunately, what they ate was rotten and this causes all three of them to continuously pass gases. As amusing as this encounter may be, defeating the trolls is essential in order to explore the cave further and find the witcher’s diagrams.

By the way, the trolls’ names are Joe, Jessie, and Dodger, which is a reference to popular YouTube characters: Joe Vargas, Jesse Cox, and Brooke “Dodger” Lawson. Moreover, YouTubers themselves appear in several episodes to voice their “colleagues”.

1. Trial of herbs

Herb Trial
Being a witcher means having heightened senses and reflexes along with an encyclopedic knowledge of potions and monsters. Being a witcher in a fictional world is prestigious, but how do boys turn into witchers? Players will be able to see this sadistic transformation process in a cave in Kaer Morhen. This process is known as “Testing Herbs”. The trained witcher is tied to the table, and various potions and mutagens are pumped into his body. But that’s not all, after Kaer Morhen you can find the entrance to the nameless cave. Inside it are the remains of equipment used in the Trial and journal entries detailing some of the candidates who faced the Trial.

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