In this list, we’ll look at the 10 most beautiful open worlds in MMORPGs. The gorgeous world does wonders for immersion, and it’s always fun to turn a corner and see an amazing scene. So let’s see which games make the world look very beautiful.

Black Desert

It’s hard to talk about the visuals of any game without talking about Black Desert. This is a great game with a beautiful world to explore. The fantastic, immersive setting does wonders for the game.

New World

New World shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to great world-building. The atmosphere of the game is sometimes amazing, and the sound effects take immersion into the world to a new level.


For all its gameplay flaws, ArcheAge struck us with what we’re looking at today – a beautiful open world. The game has many great areas that almost make up for the grueling gameplay in endless grind or pay and bend mode. Almost. Don’t forget that ArcheAge 2 is likely to see significant changes: the emphasis will be on PvE.

Guild Wars 2

The world of Guild Wars 2 has a watercolor aesthetic, making it completely unique in the MMORPG genre. The game even has instances that offer panoramic views of the magnificent surroundings.

Lord of the Rings Online

Everywhere I looked, Lord of the Rings Online kept popping up in discussions about beautiful MMO worlds. The game’s graphics may be a little dated, but that hasn’t stopped the development team from creating breathtaking zones that would be the envy of many modern games. Of course, there is some attention to detail that brings Tolkien’s lands to life.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has many unique areas that set it apart from many other MMOs. My personal favorite areas are the Telvanni zones, where there are large alien mushrooms and cascading mountains. TESO has some truly amazing areas to explore.

Conan Exiles

The world of Conan Exiles is certainly easy on the eyes. The developers have done a lot to make the barren landscape seem inhabited and alive. Add to this the creative designs created by players, and you have a world full of life. We’re looking forward to the release of Dune: Awakening.

World of Warcraft

Okay, this question may be divisive. Most people either love or hate World of Warcraft’s art style, but the Blizzard team is certainly constantly improving the game’s visuals, and there are plenty of examples of great zones to be found in WoW.

Final Fantasy XIV

It’s hard not to include Final Fantasy XIV on this list. The game world looks fantastic, and there is always something new to see as you explore every corner of the world. Fans of FFXIV will never fail to say that they are playing one of the most beautiful MMORPGs in the world.

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul doesn’t always get the credit it deserves for how beautiful a game it is, but I want to change that. Combine a gorgeous world with a unique combat system and you have a world worth fighting for.

Did we miss an MMORPG that you think is great? Tell us about it in the comments, and we’ll definitely go see the wonderful digital spaces ourselves if we haven’t already!


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