Most countries in the world are still under quarantine, so the choice of places to travel is rather limited. Although the real world is not yet available to visit, there is still a way to feel freedom in quarantine. Simply enable creative mode in Minecraft.

Minecraft is an uncomplicated game with simple rules, which, despite its cubic nature, allows players to recreate in detail both the real world and the fictional one. This article presents the top ten best places you can visit without leaving your laptop screen.

10. Denmark

As a rule, most Minecraft players prefer small buildings in order to avoid the attack of Creepers. However, the Danish government had grandiose plans. Using this map, they managed to create a scale model of their state. This was supposed to be an interesting way to explore the country, especially its hard-to-reach parts. Due to the way the virtual Denmark was created, the houses came out empty and with flat roofs. To correct this shortcoming, the citizens of Denmark were involved in the process of improving the simulator of their own country. The only forbidden instrument was dynamite, which makes the game extremely fun.

Alas, Denmark was not destined to exist for a long time, because soon after the construction, it was captured by the US military forces. The players managed to smuggle dynamite and smash the capital Copenhagen to pieces. Huge American flags flew across the country, but fortunately for Denmark, it was enough for her to simply revert to a previous save version to repair all the damage.

9. Acropolis

Buildings, temples and heritage of the Acropolis in Athens are considered the apogee of Greek civilization. The Pantheon has become a kind of icon of the entire era. It took the Greeks a huge amount of time, gold and effort to build the Acropolis. After the capture and destruction of Athens by the Persians, the Greeks built and restored the buildings that adorn the capital of Greece to this day for 50 years.

In reality, the Acropolis was located in the heart of Athens, but the virtual version is located among the Champs Elysees. Another difference between the Acropolis in Minecraft is that it is made in white, although in reality it was distinguished by bright colors.

8. Cathedrals

Cathedrals have become the pinnacle of architectural art in European cities. They were built in order for people to try to capture them with their eyes, feeling the grandeur and divinity of these structures. Of course, such large-scale construction work stretched for more than one hundred years. For example, the construction of the Cologne Cathedral lasted from 1248 to 1880. Minecraft, on the other hand, managed to build much faster, while retaining all the details of the original, including hanging chandeliers and other luxurious elements.

In case Cologne Cathedral was not to your liking, you have the opportunity to visit Notre Dame in Paris, which is especially true after the building was damaged by a terrible fire in 2019.

7. Babylon

Of the seven wonders of the world of the ancient world, only the Egyptian pyramids have survived in their original form to this day. Some of these structures, such as the Colossus of Rhodes, were destroyed a few years after construction and disappeared from the face of the Earth forever. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built around 600 BC by King Nebuchadnezzar II for his wife and were just one of the wonders the Babylonians created in their capital.

The recreated version of Babylon in Minecraft offers its visitors not only the Hanging Gardens, but also the notorious Tower of Babel. In reality, the tower was designed to touch the sky, but the virtual tower was limited to a height of 256 blocks.

6. Minas Tirith

“Have you ever seen him, Aragorn? The White Tower of Ecthelion, glittering like a spire of pearls and silver, whose banners high in the morning breeze.” As the capital of Gondor in John Tolkien’s novel The Lord of the Rings, Minas Tirith is a city built on a mountainside and rising above the plain. In Minecraft, fans of the books and movies have recreated the city down to the smallest detail.

While some of the other places on this list cannot be visited because they are in dangerous locations or have been destroyed, Minas Tirith is a fictional entity. If you want to visit it, then Minecraft is your only choice.

5. Hogwarts

Probably every young person dreams of getting into the magical world, and the Harry Potter universe gave us this opportunity. The Floo Network has been working for several years to create the Hogwarts school in Minecraft. For those who want to try themselves as a witch or sorcerer, the world of J.K. Rowling is recreated in detail, from the Shrieking Shack to the Whomping Willow and the flying candles in the main hall.

To complete the location, the developers created separate parts of London, where the passages to the magical world are located. By the way, their version of the city is much neater.

4. Festivals

Hundreds of events around the world have been canceled this year. Some of the greatest music festivals will not be held in the near future due to the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. What used to be considered a disadvantage of online games, namely the isolation of the player from the outside world, has now become an advantage – the coronavirus is not transmitted over the Internet. Therefore, musicians use Minecraft as a virtual platform for communication with fans.

Minecraft, unlike other games such as Fortnite, provides bands with limitless locations for their concerts and allows for a large number of users to gather at the same time. True, you will not be able to break away on the dance floor, because your character can only move up and down.

3. Earth

Modern travelers are limited in movement by the expanses of our planet. And the especially wealthy can get to orbit. The game offers its own version of the planet, which will especially please those who still believe that the Earth is flat.

There are several variants of Earth in Minecraft. One of them is slightly smaller than the real one, with an area of ​​16200 by 32400 blocks – a 1:1500 scale model. Each zone of the planet is recreated in one of the biomes available in Minecraft. However, some find this size unrealistic.

The Built the World project is working to create an Earth that matches the actual size (1:1). Over 100,000 players support the development of the new world. Given the sheer scale of the project, multiple teams are working on different areas that will then be stitched together.

2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most visited cities in the world and attracts people with its activity. Imagine yourself in the place of these lucky ones. Now you can visit Los Angelcraft. This is not a perfect copy of the city, but rather a version inspired by its atmosphere.

It has everything – from impressive skyscrapers to cozy suburban cottages. If you have ever dreamed of owning your own home in the city of angels, this is your chance. Each building is immaculate inside and out. This card has become a real gift for players who want to visit Los Angeles.

1. Westeros

There is an opinion that the last season of Game of Thrones is… controversial. If “controversial” means “failed”, then why not play out your own story in the vastness of a virtual version of Westeros?

The 22,000 by 59,000 block map may not exactly match the Game of Thrones continent, but hundreds of people have tried to fit everything mentioned in the books or shown on screen. Something like the Wall is easy enough to build by stacking ice cubes. But in the capital of King’s Landing, the Red Castle and the Iron Throne needed to be built, and the most labor had to be invested in the creation of the city. It has 4788 individual, dissimilar houses.

It took 4 months to build the city. But then the creators rebuilt it completely, adding new materials and textures. The moderators of the WesterosCraft server have a pretty strict set of rules about what can be built and how to keep the atmosphere of the alternative Middle Ages. One of them commented on the mistakes made by the players: “In Westeros, even the upper classes are practically illiterate and it hurts me to see books in the homes of commoners.” Readers waiting for a new book by George Martin have long been accustomed to this feeling …


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