If you are looking for games where you can get stuck in for dozens of hours, read our top and join the legends.

The best games with 100 hours of gameplay

Here and below, the indicated games were added to the selection based on the subjective opinion of the author of the material, with which you may not agree. Please take this into account.

The Witcher 3

Let’s start with the undisputed candidate for the title of best game of all time. Yes, The Witcher 3 is already familiar to everyone, millions have played it, but the project, even many years after its release, remains relevant.

And what keeps it relevant is the unrealistic amount of content available for research. A whole universe is revealed to gamers, which goes beyond just the three games in the series. The entertainment is based on the books of the Polish writer Sapkowski, who thought through the lore in detail. Of course, the games do not correspond one hundred percent to the books, but this does not prevent them from being simply wonderful.

Believe me, if you decide to explore the world of The Witcher, even a hundred hours may not be enough for you.
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Baldur’s Gate 3

Top 10 games that can take 100 hours or more to complete

As well as for exploring the world of the recently released Baldur`s Gate 3. The game managed to make a splash from the first days, although before that it spent quite a long time in the Early Access format on PC. But the official release version differed from the earlier one like heaven from earth.

The plot of Baldur`s Gate 3 is non-trivial and unique; what attracts most players to it is its replay value. Literally every quest can be completed in several ways, and the characters on your team constantly react to your actions. Yes, the game’s world is pseudo-open, it is closely tied to the universe of the Dangeons and Dragons board games.

But I have a suspicion that on the wave of success, the authors from Larian Studios will decide to further develop this franchise.
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Elden Ring

Top 10 games that can take 100 hours or more to complete

After releasing the crazy Dark Souls and Sekiro series, From Software decided to please us with the next title called Elden Ring. In general, it was still the same soulslake, but what made it stand out from the rest was the large open world.

This very world is inhabited by insanely dangerous monsters that you can’t easily pass by. Between-earth is full of interesting places, but the most valuable rewards here are obtained by shedding liters of sweat and blood. If you like action games in a dark fantasy setting, you’ll definitely like Elden Ring.
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Red Dead Redemption 2

Top 10 games that can take 100 hours or more to complete

You’ll also like Red Dead Redemption 2 if you’re a fan of the Wild West. Like The Witcher, RDR 2 is capable of delighting players with tons of content that will take a huge amount of time to master.

If we talk purely about the plot, then you can run through it quite quickly. But the true value of the game lies in its side activities: something interesting happens in this universe every minute. At the same time, the player’s participation in them is not necessary; the local inhabitants do an excellent job of entertaining the player on their own. They have their own daily routine, their own character and a huge range of functionality.

All in all, fun.
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Top 10 games that can take 100 hours or more to complete

GTA 5 was released by the same studio Rockstar Games, which gave us the previously mentioned RDR 2. The setting here is modern, as is the city. We will play as three different characters, each of whom has their own destiny.

Los Santos is a huge metropolis, controlled not so much by the official authorities as by criminal gangs and corporations. You can become part of one of the groups or start your own, open your own business or engage in robbery. In GTA 5 everything is the same as in real life: you need to earn money, develop, establish connections and acquire property. There are a lot of tasks in the game, as well as options for completing them.

In addition, the game is constantly being improved with the help of fan modifications, turning it into a completely different project. Not long ago, GTA 5 celebrated its 10th anniversary since its release, and in 2024, judging by rumors, a sequel will be released. So, we wait and hope! In the meantime, you can buy another batch of sports cars and go conquer the next layer of content.
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Divinity: Original Sin 2

Top 10 games that can take 100 hours or more to complete

Before the release of BG3, Larian Studios was mainly known for its Divinity: Original Sin 2 franchise. It is similar to its “little sister” in many ways, but there are significant differences among them.

For example, the plot and lore, also the characters and the world itself. Divinity: Original Sin 2 also features a hundred-hour adventure that can be completed in several different ways. True, OS2 will be more hardcore, but for true fans of role-playing projects this will even be a plus.

If you start playing Divinity: Original Sin 2, I recommend that you do not concentrate only on completing the plot, but take the time to get acquainted with side activities and thoroughly explore locations. Believe me, it’s worth it.
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The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Top 10 games that can take 100 hours or more to complete

Many people don’t like The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom and frankly don’t understand why this project (according to ratings on a couple of resources) is recognized as the best game of all time. And there are other people for whom Zelda is the standard of quality and the model to which all who create games in the RPG genre should strive.

Yes, the graphics in The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom are indeed controversial – not everyone will like this visual style. But in terms of the availability of content and points of interest, the game is a set of entertainment that cannot be mastered even in dozens of hours. The scene of the main action once again becomes the beautiful Hyrule, and its future savior is the beloved Link.

As for the rest, you need to try. However, for this you will have to purchase a Nintendo Switch, since the game is exclusive to this platform.
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Top 10 games that can take 100 hours or more to complete

Unlike the Yakuza series games, which are released on almost all existing sites and platforms. These projects offer players different experiences in different genres, but the games in the franchise have one thing in common – crazy gameplay with a lot of mini-games and an intricate plot.

Having started the passage of a Yakuza game, we plunge into the criminal world of Japan. Determining the fate of the main characters, we simultaneously explore colorful locations and talk with NPCs, complete quests and, of course, fight. Or we can go to karaoke and sing a song or two, we can go and play Pochinko or try ourselves in a dance competition.

Who said mafiosi don’t know how to have fun?
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Top 10 games that can take 100 hours or more to complete

Skyrim is like The Witcher, only from Bethesda. In the sense that everything that could be said has already been said about this game, and also that it has an incredible amount of content.

The Elder Scrolls series stands out among other role-playing games because in these worlds we can become literally anyone. No one will chase you along the main plot (which is not immediately visible here), the game opens up a vast world with tons of activities for the hero. Again, don’t forget about the insane number of mods that can not only make the game’s graphics more beautiful, but also add a fair amount of content.

If you need entertainment for a long time and, for some reason, you still haven’t completed Skyrim, we highly recommend it.
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Heroes of Might and Magic 3

Top 10 games that can take 100 hours or more to complete

Well, “Heroes” is the same entertainment on which most of the generation of gamers, who are now over 30, grew up. At the dawn of its popularity, many did not yet have access to the Internet at home, but there was a desire to play something interesting with friends .

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 came to the rescue of such people, in which we could play with at least ten of us on one computer. The tactical strategy allowed each match to be played in its own way, acting as either the leader of brave knights, or the leader of wise elves, or the ruler of the flaming legions of hell. Collect resources, train troops, conquer your neighbors – grace. There are hundreds of hours of gameplay, and each run in “Heroes” will be a unique adventure for you.
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Well, we hope that our top helped you choose a great game for the next dozens of hours.


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