October is full of interesting game releases, and in this article we will talk about ten of the most promising.

The best games on PC in October 2023

This selection is compiled based on the author’s subjective opinion about the selected games. His position may not coincide with yours, please take this into account.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a new attempt by Ubisoft to regain the popularity of a slightly stagnant series. Why will she cancel? That’s right, because of the assembly line production. What is the way out of this? Well, of course, release another game.

True, it’s worth clarifying here that Assassin’s Creed Mirage is designed to return us to the origins of the franchise, from which this very franchise has already gone very far. In the new part, we will find a not open, but more detailed world (events will unfold in Baghdad and the surrounding area), as well as an emphasis on stealth and the ability to complete tasks in several ways. The main character will be Basim, familiar to fans of the title – we will be told the story of how he turned from an ordinary thief into a professional killer.
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Forza Motorsport

Top 10 games on PC in October (what to play in the fall of 2023)

Racing fans may want to check out Forza Motorsport in October. This project, developed by the Turn 10 Studios team, focuses on realism and beauty. That is, you are invited to drive sports cars with realistic behavior on the road along stunning tracks.

At the start, the authors promise more than five hundred cars, as well as about two dozen unique locations for competitions, several modes and ultra-modern graphics. Forza Motorsport will be revealed in all its glory only on modern PCs, so if you plan to break into the game, we advise you to think about an upgrade (if, of course, there is a need for it).
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Total War: Pharaoh

Top 10 games on PC in October (what to play in the fall of 2023)

Total War: Pharaoh is a new project from the Creative Assembly studio, famous for its skill in creating strategies with large-scale battles. This game has the same concept, and its events will unfold during Ancient Egypt.

You have to take on the role of a potential ruler of a huge state, who, according to tradition, starts from the very bottom. Gradually, by capturing neighboring lands, you will develop your kingdom, expand your sphere of influence and increase your army. As always, success can be achieved not only with the help of brute force, but also using diplomacy and various economic tricks.

In short, Total War: Pharaoh is a game for those who love thoughtful gameplay with large-scale historical battles.
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Star Trek: Infinite

Top 10 games on PC in October (what to play in the fall of 2023)

Somehow, unnoticed by many, surprisingly, preparations are underway for the release of a new strategy called Star Trek: Infinite. In general, this franchise has a not very large, but very loyal audience of fans, which you can be one of. If so, then hurry up and get ready for the next grand adventure.

Star Trek: Infinite tells a standalone story featuring iconic characters. As in any other strategy, in this project we will be able to fight with the help of armies or diplomacy, trade, build relationships with neighbors, and so on. The Paradox Interactive team is responsible for the development of the new product, and therefore you don’t have to worry about its quality.
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Lords of the Fallen

Top 10 games on PC in October (what to play in the fall of 2023)

Of course, you can’t ignore the new soulslice called Lords of the Fallen, which is both a continuation of the first part and a restart of the entire series. In this game we are invited to fight powerful bosses and try to save the world, which (who would doubt it) is once again on the brink of disaster.

So, the ancient god Adyr awakened again, although many thought it was impossible. The player, having become one of the Dark Crusaders, will have to give him a fight and at the same time defeat a whole crowd of minions of the crazy god. Moving between the world of the living and the world of the dead, we must reach the end and preserve the remnants of life in a place shrouded in impenetrable darkness.
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Hellboy Web of Wyrd

Top 10 games on PC in October (what to play in the fall of 2023)

Hellboy Web of Wyrd is a shooter about the famous comic book hero, who, although he comes from hell, took the side of people in the battle with the forces of darkness.

According to the plot of the game, Hellboy will have to deal with the disappearance of one of the secret service agents. It is not surprising that the investigation will lead us to much darker secrets associated not only with the BPIO itself, but with all of humanity.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd has a unique visual style that may not be for everyone. But you should know that the plot of the game was written together with the authors of the original Hellboy comics, so the story will definitely be interesting. The rest is a subjective matter.
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Endless Dungeon

Top 10 games on PC in October (what to play in the fall of 2023)

On October 19, an unusual roguelike called Endless Dungeon will be released, which will invite players to explore an abandoned space station, whose corridors are fraught with many dangers. The game supports co-op, so you can enjoy beating monsters in the company of your friends.

The main process in Endless Dungeon consists of battles with unique opponents, each of which has its own fighting style. We are also offered a selection of characters with unique abilities and weapons that combine harmoniously with each other. The project can be enjoyed almost endlessly, since the locations and the creatures inhabiting them are procedurally generated – each of your runs will be unique.
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The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

Top 10 games on PC in October (what to play in the fall of 2023)

A long time ago, even before the War of the Ring, the dwarves of Moria were forced to leave their native lands, which were then populated by goblins and orcs. Now that evil has been defeated (although, has it been defeated?), brave miners must return home and try to restore it to its former greatness.

As can be understood from the brief description of the game, The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria offers us the opportunity to join the world of Middle-earth and contribute to its further formation. In co-op with friends or other online users, our gnome will take on the task of restoring the catacombs, once full of glory and wealth, but now abandoned.

Something can be heard under the thickness of the earth, so be careful when you swing your pickaxe again.
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Cities: Skylines II

Top 10 games on PC in October (what to play in the fall of 2023)

Cities: Skylines II is a new city manager that develops and improves already known mechanics and adds something new to the series.

As in the first part, the sequel invites us to build and develop a new city. Gradually developing the settlement and turning it into a metropolis, we will see more and more people moving into it. Make sure that people have easy access to all the benefits, and they will thank you generously for it. Manage financial budget flows, directing funds in the right direction.

Cities: Skylines II will feature improved graphics and a lot of interesting content that fans of city-building strategies are guaranteed to appreciate.
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Ghostrunner 2

Top 10 games on PC in October (what to play in the fall of 2023)

Well, let’s finish the selection with the second part of a series of crazy action games, the events of which unfold in the world of cyberpunk.

The plot of Ghostrunner 2 takes place several years after the completion of the events of the first part. We will once again pick up our favorite katana and go to the streets of a futuristic city to eliminate injustice. What’s new in the second part is the improved graphics and the ability to ride around the city on a bike, otherwise it’s still the same dynamic shooter with parkour and death from one shot.
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We hope that our selection of top releases for October 2023 helped you prepare for the release of your favorite project!


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