Graphics are still one of the main criteria for assessing the quality of modern games. In this collection we will talk about ten projects that have excellent pictures.

Games with the best graphics in 2023

This material is compiled on the basis of the author’s subjective opinion about the games mentioned, please take this into account.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Let’s start with a game called A Plague Tale: Requiem, which is a continuation of the famous adventure. As in the first part, the sequel continues to tell the story of two children who are no longer children at all: Amicia and Hugo. Brother and sister find themselves in new troubles, but now they will have to take more risks than before.

As before, we will be confronted not only by cruel people, but also by hordes of rats that can gnaw a person’s body in seconds if he finds himself in pitch darkness. A Plague Tale: Requiem has become even more beautiful than the original, new effects have been added and the level of detail has increased.

In a word, the game turned out to be not only interesting, but also visually exciting.
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The Callisto Protocol

Top 10 Games on PC and Console with the Most Beautiful Graphics in 2023

Despite the fact that The Callisto Protocol received rather controversial reviews from critics and players, in terms of graphics, the game is all right. Lighting, shadows, textures of objects and figures of characters, monsters – all this is worked out to the smallest detail and in all its glory shows the beauty of space and the station where the main events unfold.

We visit a prison on a moon far from civilization, where the most inveterate intergalactic criminals have gathered. However, at some point, nightmarish creatures penetrate the base and begin to eat everyone. We need to not only find out what happened here, but also try not to get away from the first monster we come across.
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Alan Wake 2

Top 10 Games on PC and Console with the Most Beautiful Graphics in 2023

Most recently, the long-awaited release of the new horror Alan Wake 2, developed by the Remedy studio, took place. In it we are waiting for a new story of writer Alan Wake, who is stuck in a Dark Place and is desperately trying to get out of the light into the darkness.

In this he will be assisted by FBI agent Saga Anderson, who owns the second plot of the game. The gameplay takes place in two different worlds, which will intertwine over time. The project combines an interesting plot, a dark atmosphere and high-quality graphics. Some call Alan Wake 2 a “real next-gen”, and no wonder, because the project was the first to fully utilize the so-called mesh shaders, which make the picture as realistic as possible.

True, to appreciate all this splendor you will need either a modern console or powerful PC hardware.
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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Top 10 Games on PC and Console with the Most Beautiful Graphics in 2023

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey came out quite a long time ago, but it still continues to be used as a benchmark for assessing the performance of computer hardware. What Yubiki can do is create beautiful games with open, albeit slightly empty worlds.

The events of the project take place in Ancient Greece, where we find ourselves in the role of a possible savior of the future. The main character (or heroine, depending on your choice of gender at the beginning of the game) will have to go through dozens of quests and help this or that country become a world leader. To do this, you can use the power of persuasion and the good old sledgehammer (figuratively speaking, there are a lot of weapons here).

In short, it’s beautiful and interesting, the project will definitely captivate you for ten hours.
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Horizon Zero Dawn

Top 10 Games on PC and Console with the Most Beautiful Graphics in 2023

Guerilla Games doesn’t do anything bad, Horizon Zero Dawn proves this once again. At the time of its release, the first part of the current duology stood out for its truly breathtaking graphics, which only a modern console from Sony could pull off.

The main character of the game is a young girl named Aloy. Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in a world after an old human civilization has fallen into oblivion. Today’s intelligent people are fighting with all their might against robotic animals and robotic dinosaurs for the right to trample this land. Aloy must prove her strength and find out what happened in the past and what awaits her nation in the future.
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Red Dead Redemption 2

Top 10 Games on PC and Console with the Most Beautiful Graphics in 2023

It would be strange not to add something from Rockstar Games to the selection of the most beautiful games. For example, their cowboy action game Red Dead Redemption 2, which many gamers have been considering for years as one of the most detailed and impressive projects of recent years.

In RDR2 we play as Arthur Morgan, who lives in the vastness of the Wild West. In these very open spaces, the hero can do whatever he wants: complete quests, rob trains, collect resources, hunt criminals or help random people he meets. A huge open world full of interesting events and incredibly beautiful landscapes.

What else is needed for happiness?
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Top 10 Games on PC and Console with the Most Beautiful Graphics in 2023

Respawn Entertainment has successfully continued to tell the story of Jedi Cal Castis in the sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The hero has become more experienced and experienced warrior, and now he will have to face another deadly threat.

A new danger has loomed over the galaxy, and only we can cope with it. To do this, we will travel across planets and fight with the Imperials, and also meet new mysterious characters. Some of them will become our friend, and some will become our sworn enemy, and all this is accompanied by beautiful graphics in the style of futurism and science fiction.
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Resident Evil 2

Top 10 Games on PC and Console with the Most Beautiful Graphics in 2023

The remake of Resident Evil 2 was the first “swallow”, after which the general popularization of reboots began. And all this is thanks to the fact that Capcom were able to make a beautiful game, preserving the spirit of the original.

Resident Evil 2 is a horror game with shooter elements that sets off landmark events for the entire series. The title takes place in the city of Raccoon City, where there is an outbreak of a zombie virus. The main characters are two characters who need to get out of the trap and stop the Umbrella Corporation, whose leadership is trying to evade responsibility for the deaths of thousands of people.
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Escape from Tarkov

Top 10 Games on PC and Console with the Most Beautiful Graphics in 2023

Escape from Tarkov is an online session shooter that stands out among other projects for its fair amount of realism. Even, I would say, unnecessary: ​​the game has so many small mechanics that it seems that the developers came up with a special animation for each action.

But what cannot be taken away from the game is its beautiful graphics. The environment at the levels is of the highest quality and detail, and the weapon models deserve a separate article. With guns here, in general, everything is very cool, although not everyone likes the concept implemented by the Battlestate Games studio.
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Battlefield 2042

Top 10 Games on PC and Console with the Most Beautiful Graphics in 2023

Well, I would like to complete the selection with another shooter called Battlefield 2042. At release, this project turned out to be a real failure, but it’s worth giving credit to the DICE team – the guys got together and turned slag into candy, giving fans of the series a truly worthy product.

Firstly, what is worth noting is the pleasant impact of using weapons – something the series has always done well with. Secondly, since the release, the locations where battles take place have become much more detailed and rich. Previously, you had to run for about 5 minutes to get to the battlefield, now the level of action goes off scale literally from the first moments.

Well, the picture, of course, cannot but please the eye.

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So it goes. We hope that you found our selection useful and interesting!


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