The genre of survival games always remains relevant, so we decided to prepare for you a selection of dozens of fresh projects that are relevant at the end of this year.

New survival games on PC

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Let’s start with a game called HumanitZ, which is very similar in concept to Zomboid. Here you also need to improve in terms of survival in a world consumed by a zombie epidemic, and where the remaining people are much worse than the monsters.

The main difference from the original, which the creators of HumanitZ were clearly inspired by, is the graphics. In this project, everything is much more detailed and beautiful, the models of characters and monsters are worked out to the smallest detail, and the environment pleases with colorful landscapes. In general, a project for those who like to survive and delight their eyes with high-quality graphonium.
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The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

Top 10 cool survival games for the end of 2023 for PC

Quite recently, a new game was released called The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, the events of which take place in the Lord of the Rings universe of the same name, and for this alone the project is worth appreciating. In addition, players were pleasantly surprised by the smooth gameplay and interesting idea.

So, you are one of the dwarves who, after the fall of Sauron, decided to return to his native Moria, abandoned by your ancestors centuries ago. This place is still full of useful ores that are just asking for your pickaxe, but be careful, the dark depths of the mountains can hide many terrible and very dangerous secrets.

But what kind of gnome are we if we don’t try to reveal them?
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Sengoku Dynasty

Top 10 cool survival games for the end of 2023 for PC

Ancient Japan was that kind of place. The country was often attacked by aggressive neighbors, as a result of which the territories and their inhabitants found themselves on the brink of survival.

So in Sengoku Dynasty we will find ourselves one of these sufferers who will literally have to rebuild their lives from the ashes. An old village consisting of a couple of dilapidated huts and several cripples – that’s all your possessions. You, as the future ruler of the empire, will have to personally engage in the arrangement of fortifications and the development of agriculture, not forgetting about hunting and training in combat skills.

After all, the enemies of the shogunate are not waiting, there are many desperate battles ahead!
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Wizard With a Gun

Top 10 cool survival games for the end of 2023 for PC

Wizard With a Gun is an isometric co-op survival game where players take control of tough mages using handguns. Yes, they apparently are not very friendly with magic, so you will have to use improvised means.

To be fair, the weapon can be loaded with ammo with different effects, which can, for example, set fire to or freeze your enemies. So we’re not that much of a noob when it comes to magic! Cooperate with friends, hunt powerful monsters and loot valuable loot from them that will help you in future battles!
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Land of the Vikings

Top 10 cool survival games for the end of 2023 for PC

We are transported to Scandinavia, plunging into an interesting survival game with strategy elements called Land of the Vikings. The game was released in early access on PC back in 2022, but only recently reached the official release.

You are the leader of a new Viking settlement, in which very few people still live. Start building new huts and arranging your life and household, get livestock and arrange vegetable gardens. Don’t forget to go out into the forest to get firewood and hunt local wildlife. Oh, well, you’ll also have to fight here, since many will want to encroach on your still few belongings.

In short, a typical survival game in which you have to do everything at once.
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Top 10 cool survival games for the end of 2023 for PC

Gord is another city-planning simulator with survival elements, but in a non-Scandinavian setting. This time we have the Old Church Slavonic version, which, despite this, is also quite an interesting and fascinating setting.

Users characterize Gord as a mixture of The Witcher and Frostpunk. From the first there are visuals and design, from the second – gameplay elements and the danger of the surrounding world. Surviving here is quite difficult, the settlement will have a lot of problems, and the residents, just like real people, constantly demand attention and consideration of their needs.

In general, you can hang out in Gord for many hours.
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Top 10 cool survival games for the end of 2023 for PC

Once upon a time in the world of Wartales everything was very good, but then the plague came. As a result, people (those who survived) got angry and decided that they had to survive at any cost. Even at the cost of the lives of those around you.

In the game you have to lead a group of mercenaries who take on one task or another. As you travel across the global map, you will come across various points of interest, fight monsters and other adventurers. The world in Wartales is open and very dangerous, and you are just a small grain of sand in it.

But even the actions of a grain of sand can change something for the better or for the worse.
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Icarus: New Frontiers

Top 10 cool survival games for the end of 2023 for PC

Icarus was released on Steam back in 2021, but then the project turned out to be quite sluggish and uninteresting. In addition, the optimization was lame, so people somehow bypassed it, but today the project has already been brought to fruition and it is quite possible to consider it. In addition, a large-scale expansion was released not long ago, which changed many mechanics.

In general, in a nutshell, Icarus: New Frontiers is a 1st-person survival game in which you and your friends will travel through a huge world similar to ours, fight representatives of aggressive fauna and extract resources. You can also build a shelter, survive solo – the same. But it’s always more fun to do it with friends, so jump in!
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Tribe: Primitive Builder

Top 10 cool survival games for the end of 2023 for PC

The events of Tribe: Primitive Builder take place on an island inhabited by aborigines, and this is where our hero ends up. The beginning of the game is typical, but the path you choose depends solely on the decisions you make along the way.

Start mining your first resources and acquire primitive weapons, build a hut and go explore new territories. There are no high technologies in Tribe: Primitive Builder, since the developers chose an ancient setting. That is, sticks and stones are everything to us, but that doesn’t make the game any less interesting!

By the way, you can interact with the natives in different ways, even to the point of becoming their leader and finding yourself a wife. So it goes.
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I Am Future

Top 10 cool survival games for the end of 2023 for PC

And let’s end the selection, on the contrary, with a game about the future, and a rather gloomy one at that.

In I Am Future, you find yourself in a world destroyed by an apocalypse. Everything around is flooded, only you and your ingenuity remain. Start creating clever gadgets that will help solve everyday problems, don’t forget to replenish supplies on time and explore new territories. Each cog can be put into action, which will bear fruit over time.

But don’t relax, because nature has not yet said its last word.
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Well, this is our selection of survival games on PC in 2023. We hope you enjoyed it!


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