The Middle Ages is an interesting setting that game developers often use in their projects. In this collection we will talk about the ten best titles with an emphasis on chivalry, nobility, and that’s all.

The best games about the Middle Ages

Please note that the top was compiled on the basis of the author’s subjective opinion about the games described, and it may not coincide with yours – please take this into account.


Let’s start with Mordhau, a game that appeared quite often in our selections. And for good reason, this project is deservedly considered one of the best action games not only in its genre, but also in its chosen setting.

The game takes place on the battlefields of medieval Europe, when countries tirelessly fought each other and fought civil wars. Players will take on the role of a knight and go to besiege or defend castles with weapons in hand. There are several unique types of ancient weapons to choose from, as well as the opportunity to ride across the battlefield on your trusty steed. You can kill your opponents in many different ways, including cutting off their limbs and throwing them at other opponents.
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For Honor

Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages on PC and console

For Honor is less brutal, but no less exciting. Once upon a time, Ubisoft made a serious bet on this project, but over time the developers’ focus shifted to other games, and today this action game receives only small updates with cosmetics and rare events.

On the other hand, For Honor still boasts a unique combat system that makes the game quite hardcore. So, despite the rather long release date, graphically the entertainment is still capable of surprising, and the scale of battles involving knights, samurai and Vikings is still breathtaking in its epicness.

Plus, the project is completely free, so why not try it?
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Conqueror’s Blade

Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages on PC and console

Conqueror`s Blade is also free, and it is quite similar to the previous product we mentioned.

The essence of the game is simple: you create a hero who in the future will become the leader of an entire army; Taking several squads of unique fighters into battle, you need to complete the task and defeat the enemy. It seems that everything sounds quite simple, but in reality Conqueror`s Blade can test not only your combat skills, but also your ability to think strategically.

The game has a global map on which battles for territories constantly take place. Session gameplay, a variety of units and an advanced leveling system make the entertainment varied and popular. In addition, your humble servant spent dozens of hours in it, so I can say with full confidence that it is worth it.
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Medieval Dynasty

Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages on PC and console

Medieval Dynasty is more simulation than action. This game sets you a difficult task – to survive in harsh conditions, where death awaits your character at every turn.

You start playing as an ordinary homeless person who needs to build not just a house, but an entire village. Having gone from a rogue to the ruler of a kingdom, you will constantly face various threats: hunger, discontent of residents, aggressive neighbors, etc.

In a word, Medieval Dynasty is a multifaceted project in which not only everyone can survive.
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Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages on PC and console

As in Rustler, in principle, although I wouldn’t dare call this game serious. But this was intended by the developers, who wanted to make a kind of “GTA in the Middle Ages”, in which it would be possible to steal carts, kill guards and mock harmless NPCs.

Rustler is guided by the rule of complete freedom. That is, the player can do whatever his heart desires. As a rule, most of your actions will lead to sad consequences (not only for you, but also for those around you). We complete tasks, collect loot, craft equipment. Everything is painfully familiar, but the familiar gameplay in Rustler is accompanied by awesome humor that will make you chuckle and continue playing this crazy action game.
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Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages on PC and console

Many people know about Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord; this game is still wildly popular among fans of strategy games with action elements (or action games with strategy elements). It’s like Conqueror’s Blade, only without being tied to the network mode (although there is also multiplayer here).

In short, you are a scum without a tribe or property. You were born and live in a territory that is in a state of permanent civil war. It was once a great empire, but the country fell apart, and now you have to decide what to do: start the path of a loner or join existing factions in the hope of leading it to prosperity.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord has incredible AI that gives each character a unique personality. You are just a grain of sand in this world, but it is you who have to write the fate of this universe.
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Life is Feudal

Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages on PC and console

Life is Feudal is a typical medieval survival game that can hit you in the gut at the most inopportune moment. So, you carefully collect resources and make sure that your character is well-fed and healthy, and then some homeless person appears and sends you to the next world, appropriating everything that you earned through such hard work.

This project is a kind of sandbox in which you are free to do whatever your heart desires. Engage in collecting resources and crafting, construction and hunting, fishing and completing tasks. You can even terraform the landscape, making the area as comfortable as possible for life.

The gameplay takes place on a 64-player server, so be prepared for surprises from other players.
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages on PC and console

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was released in 2018, and since then has gained immense popularity among fans of role-playing adventures. This game allows you to go a long way from an unknown peasant to the ruler of vast lands, or you can become a robber, knight, merchant, and so on.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the gameplay is both hardcore and realistic. The characters you meet along the way behave believably and react to your every action. There are tons of quests and a huge open world, a lot of professions and a large number of small mechanics implemented.

But the main value of entertainment is in its story, which contains both humorous moments and tragedy.
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Yes, Your Grace

Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages on PC and console

Well, in Yes, Your Grace you don’t have to go through the long journey of being a homeless person to becoming a ruler, here you immediately become a king. The sovereign will have a small country in its power, which, as it turns out, has quite a lot of problems.

The main part of the gameplay is the need to make decisions that will have a serious impact on the future of your kingdom. Which neighbor to make friends with, and which one to start a war with, which vassal to listen to, and which one to send away, which item to allocate more taxes to, and from whom to extract additional bribes. The graphics in Yes, Your Grace are pixelated, but this does not prevent it from being a truly suitable project about the Middle Ages.
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Medieval II: Total War

Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages on PC and console

And let’s finish the selection with the immortal classic called Medieval II: Total War, which at one time, in fact, popularized this setting. The game was released by the legendary studio Creative Assembly, which decided to use the Middle Ages as a concept for its future global strategy.

Like all other games of the company, Medieval II: Total War is a large-scale project in which we will control one of the nations on the global world map. Train your army and seize neighboring lands, build political and economic relations with your neighbors, raise successors and make sure that no one plots betrayal against you. Global and sweeping – everything you like.
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This is our selection from the Middle Ages on PC and console. We hope you found a game to your liking on the list!


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