Today – November 14 – the release of a new expansion for the card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft called Battle of the Badlands. The DLC will bring the spirit of the Wild West to the game, 145 new maps, several unique features for the Settlers and Bandits classes, as well as two properties: “Loot” and “Offhand”. Sales have not yet begun, but the addition can be purchased in the official store

The Battle in the Badlands DLC takes us to the heart of the arid region of Khaz Modan, where the Blood and Stone mining company has discovered deposits of Azerite, an incredibly powerful mineral with great potential. Now the greedy owners of the company, under the cover of the corrupt sheriff Pushkodul, are squeezing all the juice out of the deposits, without worrying about the poor workers. It’s time to bring justice to this region and teach the greedy swindlers a lesson.

You can learn more about the expansion and new features from our previous news with the announcement of the Battle in the Badlands. Or on the official website Blizzard.


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