The genre of shooters or shooters in the common people has long and firmly settled on smartphones.

And so we decided to collect for you a small selection of worthy shooters for your smartphone, which are still actively popular with mobile gamers.

I think I’m not the only one, this was the first shooter on a smartphone. Why is the whole Modern Combat series so good in general? We can safely say that this is the heir to the legendary Call of Duty series.

Here you have a plot company, of course with a rather simple but pleasant plot. All in the style of classic action movies. And of course, in the fifth part, this is a full-fledged network shooter. So there are no problems with multiplayer. Although now there are not as many players in the network mode as in the current Call of Duty: Mobile, we will talk about it later.

I stumbled into this game quite by accident at the time. I was looking for something like the good old CS 1.6 only for smartphones, and I found it all in this game. Although those who do not like cartoon graphics say that this is its main drawback. But in fact, it’s all very reminiscent of the legendary Team Fortres.

There are two modes in the game:

  1. Standard PvP with several game modes such as capturing points, defusing a bomb, and, well, standard team firefights. Only in these modes, ordinary players have automatic shooting. But there is also a mode for professional esportsmen. Where you yourself shoot and aim, and in general everything is as it should be.

So, if you are looking for something like CS 1.6, this game is probably for you.

I think now no one will argue that this is the best online shooter for all smartphones. Which is true from the very start imprisoned for online mode. No plot companies and other unnecessary nonsense.

A complete focus on eSports. Imagine all the best that was in the multiplayer modes of CoD on the PC and you will get the same only on your smartphone. Even the legendary battle royale in the spirit of Call of Duty: Warzone is here.

Personally, I spend every evening in this game before going to bed and joyfully go through the seasons, closing various ranks. By the way, a new season in this game starts every three weeks, which means you will not have problems with updates and all sorts of other features.

Perhaps these are not the most beautiful or technological shooters as on computers. But this is the best of what is currently worth playing on your smartphones.


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