Just the other day, Thief Simulator 2 was released – a sequel to the 2018 hit Thief Simulator from the CookieDev studio and publisher PlayWay SA. In less than two days since its release, the game collected 85% of positive reviews and broke into the top 10 in sales on Steam. The thief simulator is currently only available on PC and costs only 710 rubles. Valve store.

Thief Simulator 2, like the original, is a stealth game with a heist twist. This time, the developers from CookieDev gave it their all and prepared a whole sea of ​​activities for their loyal fans. See for yourself:

  • Two extensive maps with more than 20 houses, including banks, restaurants and warehouses with security;
  • A huge set of tools: from a crowbar to binoculars with the function of hacking electronics;
  • 15 unique contracts and missions for a while;
  • Car theft and upgrading your own dream car;
  • And chases with shootouts and completely different passing styles.

Let us remember that the first part of the series was released back in 2018 and was a resounding success. Thief Simulator sold 2.1 million copies and became one of the most interesting games in the PlayWay catalog (these guys made House Flipper and Ultimate Fishing). What can we say about 85% of positive reviews on Steam.



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