Survival Tactics is a mobile game that was released almost worldwide on the App Store (August 18) and Google Play (August 21). Unfortunately, the project never appeared in the Russian Federation.

The developers of Survival Tactics point to 3 genres to which this game belongs: strategy, RPG and action. The main goal is to survive the zombie apocalypse. To do this, you need to assemble a squad of rare heroes and equip a base city. The player will also participate in forays and expeditions, manually controlling a fighter in an isometric format. Locations may contain rare weapons that can be evacuated by helicopter.

Survival Tactics has beautiful art, shadows and lighting. The gameplay mechanics are even more interesting – before the outing, the player chooses which location to go to. He can see in advance what rewards and dangers await him.

There will definitely be zones at the end of all zones, so you need to choose where to go for supplies and a first aid kit, and where to fight the dead.

Even before the sortie, the player chooses which weapon to take with him. Guns of different rarity and type. Be sure to play this project.

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