Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a new platformer from Nintendo, available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Android gamers and enthusiasts understand that this is not a barrier – you can use the Yuzu emulator.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder does not produce graphic and audio artifacts and runs approximately 20-30 FPS, depending on the number of special effects and Mario’s speed. Unlike previous installments, in Wonder, Mario and his friends can turn into different animals, which often makes the passage easier. And if you find special flowers, you can greatly change the level design.

I note that the gameplay of Super Mario Bros. Wonder was recorded on the budget smartphone POCO X3 Pro. That is, on more premium devices with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the result can be much better, approaching the Switch level or even surpassing it.

And if you have a Nintendo Switch, then the original cartridge can be purchased through domestic retailers, for example, M Video. The price is steep – 7,299 rubles for pre-order from Japan. Moreover, this game has Russian language.


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