One of the most exciting events at BlizzCon 2023 was the cinematic and the announcement of 3 related add-ons for World of Warcraft. The first of them is called The War Within.

In it, Anduin Wrynn will play the role of a paladin who returns to help Azeroth. This time the heroes will venture into the depths of their planet to fight spiders and other monsters who have decided to take over all continents.

The War Within expansion is available pre-order via A total of 3 editions are available, and for their purchase they also give the Dragonflight add-on; apparently for those who want to return to WoW.

Access to the beta test and 3-day early version of The War Within will only be available to those who purchase the Epic Edition.

“The War Within will be the first chapter of the Saga of the Soul of the World.” Players believe that the arrival of Chris Metzen allowed Blizzard to combine the following updates into one story arc.”

Unfortunately for many, there will be no qualitatively new races in The War Within – only a new subspecies of dwarves. Players believe that Blizzard does not introduce other races in appearance in order not to redraw all the armor in WoW for them.

As for the release of The War Within, it is scheduled for autumn 2024.


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