The game is being created based on the universe of the artist Roman Papsuev, and will be released in 2024.

“At the very beginning of development, we spent quite some time experimenting with the future visual style of the game. And if we decided to make the characters in the spirit of our favorite Soviet cartoons of the 1960s, then backgrounds in the style of Japanese animation were chosen as a source of inspiration for drawing the environment. They didn’t want to copy it directly, so they continued experimenting – and came to the current, our own version. I hope the players will like this style.”

– creative producer of the project Roman Papsuev

“The development of “Tales of Old Rus’” is moving according to plan, we are close to completing work on the visual part. However, we are in no hurry to reveal all the cards, because some game elements can still be adjusted.”

– Denis Maltsev, project producer


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