Many have noticed the similarities between Inkulinati And pentiment, since both are stylized as medieval paintings. Now the games have become even closer – with the first major update, a protagonist from creation has been added to the turn-based strategy Obsidian.

Patch “Saint Francis and Friends” contains many changes:

  • New master inculinates – Saint Francis and Andreas from pentiment. The first is very close to its prototype of the patron saint of animals. “He is equally good at both showing compassion for animals and showing rage.” developers said. He received new hand actions, so he is able to shoot a laser from the palm of his hand and put on armor.
  • At the disposal of St. Francis is an army of doves with swords, bows and spears, as well as a champion lamb and a pilgrim wolf.
    • Pigeons can fly and coo. If the bird joins a comrade who is already cooing, then he will also begin to do so. As a result, units will restore health and attack more strongly. Pigeons also coo when they are near the inculinate.

    • The pilgrim wolf is the only animal that cannot attack. But if he gets to the Sanctuary of the Pilgrims, a new object on the map, he will get this ability.

    • The Champion Lamb wields bells that awaken allies and put foes to sleep.

  • In the meantime, Andreas has added to the list of characters for the adventure mode and duels. Developers say they are big fans Obsidian. The developers met during gamescom, where they became friends, and later agreed to “swap” characters from their games.

  • IN Inkulinati the team introduced over 20 new battlefields and also worked on their randomization system. From now on, gamers will be much less likely to stumble upon the same locations for battles.

  • “We also heard that many of you find the game too difficult and the difficulty increase uneven,” experts said. Therefore, the easy and normal difficulty levels have been redesigned. We also flattened the difficulty curve.

Recall Inkulinati launched in early access on January 31, 2023 on PC (Steam, GOG, Humble Store) and Xbox. A full launch is planned in about a year – it all depends on community feedback.

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