Farming Simulator 23 Mobile has just been released on smartphones. Well, YouTuber Techzamazing decided to try the game on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. And so that the screen recording does not take the power of the smartphone on itself, the mobile gamer used an external camera.

Well, Farming Simulator 23 Mobile came out not without sins. This project produces uneven FPS, because of this the picture twitches. And these problems can be reset to the ultra graphics preset, only the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a top Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset with ray tracing support.

Actually ultra preset in Farming Simulator 23 Mobile not worth the candle – Basically, the player changes from a tractor to a harvester and looks at the back of the transport, trying to mow a flat strip of wheat. Perhaps if the developers worked on jumping shadows and artificial sunlight, the gameplay would at least be visually interesting.

In short, buying a top smartphone for ultra graphics preset in Farming Simulator 23 Mobile is the worst waste of money.


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