In case you passed by. Back on October 18, the classic turn-based strategy in the setting of the Second World War – The Troop, from the Giant Flame studio, was released. After two years early access and a free demo, the game is finally presented to the world with an expanded set of features in the form of new campaigns. The project is available only for PC and without Russian localization – exclusively in English. Reviews on Steam Pleasantly pleased – 88% of 359 reviews are positive.

The Troop invites us to play not as a single unit or an entire country, but as a small army – a platoon or division. The strategy will take us back to the Second World War on the side of the British or Canadians and begin the story with the landing in Normandy. It is worth clarifying that the developers were guided by real events, but the scenario of all missions is completely fictitious. By the way, with the release, several campaigns were added to the game that were not in the demo: battles on behalf of the 21st and 31st tank divisions.

Not much is known about the gameplay. The developers decided to offer simple and understandable mechanics with not too complicated controls, in the tradition of tabletop wargames. In addition, The Troop has a customizable difficulty level and a very democratic AI that plays according to the same laws as the players.



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