The first part of The Traitor Curse add-on for the long-suffering shooter Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has finally been released Steam And Microsoft Store. For the release, Fatshark studio prepared a new cinematic trailer for The Carnival, which showed fierce battles between the fighters of the Imperium and the supporters of Chaos, as well as a little of the plot of the add-on.

The Traitor Curse will bring the Carnival zone to the game with a new type of tasks and locations. In addition, the Veteran class has undergone changes, whose talent tree has been completely rebuilt and all skill points have been reset. Another feature of the update is the ability to view the equipment of other players in the Hub. We wrote more about the innovations in the recent news with the announcement of the DLC.

There is no need to pay for the update – it is distributed free of charge and is already included in the game, which can be purchased through Steam And Microsoft Store for 2749₽. The second part of the update is expected in December this year. There is no exact date, as well as a list of innovations.


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