Strange Hill is a mobile game that was released on iOS and Android all over the world, except Russia. Gamers will take on the role of a boy hiding in the shadows and avoiding the wrath of the crazy rabbits patrolling the area.

Strange Hill combines several genres: Third-person stealth, platforming and puzzle solving. The character has only 2 lives, which can be increased over time. That is, survival is mixed into the general cocktail of genres. First aid kits scattered throughout different parts of the map are designed to help with it.

Gradually the player will find new ones items with superpowers; one of these items is a glove for stunning rabbits, and to activate it, the hero squeezes his fingers like Spider-Man.

What else have the developers of PAGA Games released?

If you want to play something else from the PAGA Games studio, then try the Dark Riddle series of games. This is the lite version of Hello Neighbor, only with a larger selection of maps.

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