In Chinese market information has appeared about the new beta test of Don’t Starve: New Home. It will start on October 10, but only those who have received an invitation will be able to join the servers. And since past testing was popular, the developers opened 200 additional places.

To try new content in Don’t Starve: New Home you need to pre-register link. After this, you need to share information about the New Home beta test with your friends via QQ or WeChat; after that you need to take a screenshot and publish 2 photos under it fasting.

The developers of Don’t Starve: New Home note that participation in this event does not mean that the player will have access to the beta test. You cannot copy screenshots of others, otherwise you may be banned.

Thanks to such events, New Home reached the 3rd position among the expected releases of Chinese games. Let me remind you that the main theme of the new game is multiplayer and cooperative survival. But there is no talk about a global version yet.


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