Players began to talk about the fact that they began to receive letters with invitations to the second closed beta testing of the MMORPG Tarisland. Moreover, they do not contain activation keys, but links to download the client.

According to rumors, access to the CBT will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis, as in the previous stage, so you will most likely need to be one of the first to log in to play.

The second stage of the Tarisland CBT offers a lot of new content compared to the first.

Thus, players will be able to evaluate two new classes: Shadow Swordsman and Phantom Necro.

A new raid has been added, designed for 10 players, and adjustments have been made to the old ones.

One arena and two battlefields have become available for PvP fans. A new mode has appeared, “Invasion of Darkness,” in which you need to fight back against dark forces at various points on the map. Also, each class specialization now has its own unique skill with an inscription on the stone.

There is a bug on PC due to which the client does not download the first time it is launched. Just restart the installer and try again.

The second stage of Tarisland closed beta testing will begin on November 15, at 15:00 Moscow time.

You can download the client for PC from this link

You can download the client for Android here.

If you get to try the game, there will definitely be a review. In the meantime, we are all trying to gain access to the CBT together.


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