Overwatch 2’s seventh season kicks off next week with a new Polynesian-themed control map and a Halloween-themed Rise of Darkness event.

The new event will feature a variety of spooky seasonal goodies to unlock, including a variety of costumes to help you get into the Halloween spirit, one of which is the Lillith skin for Moira.

The entire new season is a big collaboration with the Diablo universe, within which players will have access to a new PvE mode of Halloween Horror – Trials of Sanctuary.

Players will take on the role of heroes – the demon hunter Sombra, the barbarian Zarya, the nightgate Illari, the cleric Lifeweaver, “Empire” Reinhardt and “Inaria” Farrah – and fight Azmodan, the Butcher, Lilith and their demonic minions. As part of the event, players will be able to obtain a number of character skins in the spirit of Diablo heroes – Moira “Lilith”, Reinhardt “Imperius”, Roadhog “The Butcher”, Taran “Azmodan”, Pharah “Inarius”.

  • A new battlefield will appear in the “Object Control” mode – Samoa.
  • Sombra will be redesigned: the heroine will get a new passive skill “Stealth”, a modified “Translocator” and an active skill “Virus”. In the middle update, Roadhog will also receive significant changes.
  • The epic skin of the season will go to Hanzo – “Onre”.
  • The game will feature 17 new Halloween skins, available through the in-game store and the new Battle Pass.
  • During Halloween Terrors, the previous years’ modes, Junkenstein’s Revenge and Junkenstein’s Revenge: The Bride’s Wrath, will be available again.

Season 7 itself starts on October 10.

In the meantime, watch the trailer for the new season below.


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