Beta testing will take place on PC, Android and iOS.

Zenless Zone Zero is a new action-RPG in the urban fantasy genre from HoYoverse. According to the plot of the game, modern civilization is destroyed as a result of a supernatural catastrophe – the appearance of “cavities”. The city of New Eridu survived this disaster-ridden world, mastering the technology and resources that allowed it to fight back against the caverns, and gradually became the last beacon of civilization.

As the game progresses, you will take on the role of a “proxy,” a professional who specializes in guiding people through the exploration of caverns, and, together with a group of unique companions, embark on an adventure to defeat unknown enemies and unravel the mysteries of New Eridu.

In the new beta version, players will be able to get acquainted with a new story chapter, which centers on one of the main factions of the game – Belobog Heavy Industries. Thanks to a number of new gameplay mechanics added in the beta, players will be able to log into a proxy network known as Internot, take on various orders, as well as play arcade games with friends, pet adorable animals and stroll down bustling Sixth Street.

You can apply to participate in the beta on the official site games.


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