Mecharashi is a mobile strategy from China, which is made instead of Front Mission. In one of the Chinese markets Information has appeared that a beta test will begin for Mecharashi on October 24. It will last more than 2 weeks; The server closure date will be announced later.

You can download the game client and log into the servers on October 23, and on October 30, access to downloads and servers will be closed for beginners. That is, no invitations are needed, just have time to enter.

Gamers on Android and PC will be able to play Mecharashi; iOS players will have to download the PC client. Chinese gamers have the feeling that it is impossible to constantly win in this game without donations.

Mecharashi is already preparing for release, at least in China, since it will be possible to donate, but the progress will still be deleted after the end of the beta test. I hope that this time they will give more materials for winning missions.

Will Mecharashi get a global version?

Yes. The description in the Chinese market says that the game is planned to be released worldwide on several platforms, including smartphones.


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