In the end of August Genshin Impact will be updated to version 3.0 – about this HoYoverse said during a recent stream. The storyline will lead travelers to the Sumeru region. Dendro Archon’s realm hides its own secrets.

The update was named “A hundred fresh roses brings the morning” and add the following content to the game:

Environment and story

  • Sumeru will be the fourth available region in Teyvat. It is located to the west of Li Yue and is divided into two parts – the desert and the rainforest. Travelers will be able to explore not only the wild, but also the cities of Port Ormeau and Sumeru.

  • The region is called the Land of Wisdom for a reason. It is here that the Academy is located – the most prestigious and ancient educational institution, founded by supporters of the previous Dendro Archon, Rukkhadevata.

  • Five hundred years ago, Rukkhadevata disappeared, but the sages found a new incarnation of her in a girl named Kusanali – she became the newest and youngest of the Archons.

  • Due to the age of the ruler, the Academy took the reins of government into its own hands. Under the guidance of managers from the Academy, knowledge has become a resource that must be strictly controlled.

  • Thanks to the heritage of Rukkhadevata, the people of Sumeru can connect to a special system to get the information they need. However, the Archon capsule that powers the system is up for sale. Apparently, the travelers will have to return it to its place.


The element of Dendro and the reactions associated with it will be the last piece of the puzzle in the elemental system. Genshin Impact. What to prepare for:

  • Burning (Dendro + Pyro) – Deals continuous fire damage.

  • Catalysis (Dendro + Electro) – puts the affected target into a state of stimulation and increases the damage they take from the next Dendro or Electro attack, causing the Growth or Escalation reaction, respectively.

  • Budding (Dendro + Hydro) – creates a Dendro core that explodes after a while and deals Dendro damage.

    • Blossom (Dendro Core + Pyro) – Increases Dendro area damage.

    • Vegetation (Dendro-core + Electro) – the cores turn into creeping projectiles and find the target themselves.


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