One More Level has released a sequel to the fast, colorful and bloody action platformer Ghostrunner. The second part has already been praised by critics, and now ordinary players can join in the happy reviews. There aren’t many reviews on Steam yet, but 91% of them are positive. You can try the game on PC (Steam And EGS), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The plot of Ghostrunner 2 logically continues the story of the first part a year after its end. The Mistress of the Keys’ power over the Dharma Tower has fallen, as has her tyranny. Now Jack is forced to return and fight a brutal cult of cyberninjas to determine the future of the last remnants of humanity.

Gameplay-wise, the game became an ideal sequel, like Doom Eternal for Doom 2016. The developers took the original as a basis and made a more advanced version, adding even more dynamics, difficult bosses and mechanics. There were also some downsides – critics noted that the plot does not hold attention so tightly, and the gameplay begins to become boring in the second half of the game.

Eventually, as told to IGN:

Ghostrunner 2 is an exciting sequel that enhances everything that was in the original and takes it to the next level. The lightning-fast combat is as exciting as ever, as are even more stunts. The parkour remains silky smooth, and the new motorcycle sequences are some of the most exciting moments we’ve experienced all year. If you liked the original game, it’s hard to imagine a better sequel.



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