The developers of the mobile game Silent HIll: Ascension make it possible to download the client in advance and have already contributed to the key events of the plot. The release and premiere will take place at 4 am Moscow time, November 1. Until this moment, you need to choose what the character will do, and then watch the stream with players from all over the world.

Silent Hill: Ascension can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play, but not through Russia. Also in this game there is no Russian language, only English.

At the same time, Silent Hill: Ascension is not just an interactive game in which you watch a video and choose your next action.

Instead, players spend IP to push their choice above others. Also in this project there is a season pass with rewards-skins for your avatar, exclusive puzzles and bOa larger number of IPs.

During the stream, you will need to participate in QTE moments to give your character a chance to survive in the future. Judging by information from the developers, you can participate in the stream within 24 hours after the broadcast.

You also need to solve puzzles to collect more IP points.

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