Nah Yeah Games has announced the release date of Sea of ​​Survivors, a new representative of the shoot’em up genre in a naval setting. The game will be released into early access very soon – October 18, 2023. Before us is an endless journey on a ship through the same endless hordes of sea creatures. The player can fight enemies, evade them, gain experience and improve his ship and crew. Everything to stay alive as long as possible.

An unusual feature of Sea of ​​Survivors compared to other shoot’em ups is the ship’s crew. The player can not just recruit pirates on board, but upgrade them, unlocking new skills and features. Another nice know-how is the treasures and curses scattered throughout the pixel world. They can be collected to make the gameplay easier or more difficult.

Developed by Nah Yeah Games clarified, that many mechanics, treasures and weapons have already been added during the early access stage. From the start, players will have the opportunity to customize their ship to suit every taste and challenge formidable bosses. In addition, the game has additional content and goals – a reward board with tasks and achievements is installed in the players’ hideout.



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