RC Revolution is a cross-platform game that will be released on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Gamers will participate in multiplayer races using radio-controlled cars. They can be customized and new tracks can be created.

You can try the RC Revolution demo on Steam. Also the link goes recording on the PTA. Races take place on different platforms at once, so you can race against friends or with them. The developers promise a pleasant soundtrack and a retro setting.

RC Revolution was inspired by games such as Mario Kart and Forza. It is being developed by Phren Games. The release is scheduled for the end of 2023. One of the advantages is ultra-low system requirements.

In total, 20 extreme tracks and more than 100 parts of small cars await players at the start. Judging by the trailer, the cars don’t crash, so you can crash into the edges of the map, as well as accurately avoid obstacles. The developers promise different modes, from adrenaline racing to Easter egg hunts.



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