Hiroyuki Kobayashi began working on the first Resident Evil as a programmer in 1995. Already in 2000, he received the role of producer of Dino Crisis 2; and later he produced Resident Evil 4. Hiroyuki ended up working for 27 years at Capcom, after which in March 2022 he moved under the wing of NetEase Games, one of the top Chinese gaming companies along with Tencent.

Judging by the fact that Mission Zero is being worked on by former Hitman developers, I wouldn’t be surprised if a former Resident Evil programmer is working on a cross-platform interpretation of the series for smartphones and PCs.

Hiroyuki is producing a new 3D action RPG game. It is designed for single playthrough, and the gamer will not be killed often. Typical concepts for RPG games include:

  • Professions;
  • Characteristics of the hero;
  • Weapon;
  • A combat system with a focus on breaking through enemy vulnerabilities. Perhaps this is a hint at jRPG.

For now, Hiroyuki is working on a prototype for an unnamed game; The work is planned to be completed by spring 2024. An announcement may take place at that time.


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