Edition Android Police reports that Google has decided to add another ad bar to the Play Store on the app install page. Now the ad block will consist of 2 strips with 2 promoted applications on each. Previously, if you look at the image on the left, there was only one bar, and after it “similar” applications were immediately recommended, as well as programs from the same publisher.

Despite the fact that the previous format was much more organic and friendly to the user of the Play Store, Google decided to monetize its platform. Foreign sites claim that in May, this American company already added adware applications to the Play Store search bar.

The Android Police editor pointed out that while the Play Store has not changed for everyone; Google does not give an exact timeline, but it will not be greatly delayed.

Recall that when searching for games on AppTime, only the exact names are displayed, without intrusive advertising. So it is a good alternative to Play Store.


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