Developers from Appeal Studio announced the start Gangs of Sherwood open beta. The demo includes a short tutorial and the sixth story mission – Kirklees Keep. The game will be available on Steam from October 5 to October 16, and will then go into development until it officially releases in November of this year.

Gangs of Sherwood is a third-person cooperative action game in which we will play as one of the heroes of the Robin Hood legend: Robin himself, Marian, Brother Tuck or Little John. On their behalf, we will face the troops of the Sheriff of Nottingham and take the side of civilians. You can’t do without stolen gold – you can invest it in characters, pumping up their skills and unlocking new features.

To the game already you can pre-order on Steam. The standard version will cost 2,099 rubles, and in addition to a copy of Gangs of Sherwood, you will receive a gift for an early purchase – a set of unique skins. The special edition is not much more expensive – 2199 rubles. It includes even more skins, an art book with characters, a soundtrack and early access (as much as 72 hours).


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