The Ark: Survival Evolved servers were officially shut down at midnight GMT on September 30 (3 a.m. GMT, October 1). The developers have taken a “snapshot” of all player saves and will post them for download on Thursday – October 5th. Edition Rock Paper Shotgun clarifies that all items, dinosaurs and characters from the ARK cloud will not be included in the save.

Either way, this is a great option if you want to continue playing on a private server or offline.

Ark: Survival Ascended will be made on the Unreal Engine 5 with cleaned up code, and over time the game will get DLC. In addition, new creatures and buildings will appear in Survival Ascended, the generation of the island will be slightly changed, and Unreal Engine 5 will allow the use of new water physics.

However, most of the Survival Evolved expansion will be missing at launch, as will announced new features such as cross-play. Studio Wildcard is worried about lags and loading problems, so content will be added gradually in the form of patches.

At the moment, Ark: Survival Ascended does not have gameplay videos or a specific release date; release is scheduled for October. The main goal of the remake is not to completely replace Ark: Survival Evolved, but to help finance Ark 2. Survival Ascended will cost $45.


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