The huge and luminous tree of Erd in Elden Ring visible from almost anywhere in the Interearth. As modder K4richard found out, the power of the tree is so great that it affects the performance of the game.

The craftsman considered that the majestic symbol consumes too many system resources, and therefore decided to get rid of it. The gamer also released the corresponding mod.

The closer I got to the Erd tree, the more demanding the game became. It became clear that it and its effects with particles are the root of the problem. By removing them, I was able to run Elden Ring on a weak PC at 30 fps. And on the GeForce GT 1030, the increase was 15 fps! Basically, the mod lowers the system requirements of the game.

To start the modification, you need to download Mod Engine 2, and only then install the mod from K4richard. You can download the files through Nexus Mods.


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