Legend of Wizard: Idle RPG is a mobile game that was released on November 15 in the App Store and November 12 in Google Play. In it, the gamer does almost nothing, at least the character automatically attacks enemies and moves to the next goal. The player is left to choose new story chapters and manage inventory.

Unfortunately for the authors of Legend of Wizard: Idle RPG, it did not take top positions in the App Store and Google Play; and it was downloaded on Android only more than 1,000 times. It may sound loud, but for a F2P game in today’s realities it is a failure. Moreover, it contains not only in-game purchases, but also advertising.

Despite the low performance at the start, the authors of Legend of Wizard: Idle RPG decided not to give up and organized in-game events to celebrate the launch. For example, players will receive rewards for daily logins and special activities. There is also a certain event related to the accelerated pumping of weapons. One might assume that this means high rewards for the first purchase.

The developers of Legend of Wizard: Idle RPG also improved the game experience, optimized it and fixed bugs.

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