Mission Zero is a multiplayer game for smartphones and PCs from NetEase Games. The mobile project draws inspiration from Identity V and the Hitman series. The game was in beta testing and ended on April 13th. The developers say that testing lasted more than 110 days, which is the longest in the history of the development of Mission Zero.

The authors of Mission Zero managed to update several cards, plus they added a character – the Accountant. The developers also spent various holidays with the players, including Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.

The creators of Mission Zero heard criticism from mobile gamers towards the camouflage system, which did not work well in terms of catching and escaping hunters. From now on, NetEase Games will focus on optimizing the main elements of Mission Zero, which is why it will not be possible to continue the beta test.

So far, NetEase has not said if there will be another beta test, or if mobile players will see a trial run of Mission Zero already.


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