If you love Neverwinter as much as I do, then I have good news for you.

Just the other day, developer Cryptic Studios released a new module “Magohod” for its free MMORPG Neverwinter Online.

The new expansion will allow players to embark on a space adventure into a new area called Wild Space on the Moondance rover.

This new region will offer a style of adventure never seen before in the game. Wild Space consists of several landing sites, each with a unique story, varied quests and inhabitants.

In addition to the new area, the add-on offers you to test your skills in the new challenge “Defense of the Moondance”. Here you will have to fight the Zarixid Empire, which has decided to board the Moondance. Get ready to make your way through the enemy ship’s compartments to reach the captain and defeat him.

“Magokhod” will also delight fans of the game with various improvements: updates to the boon system, testing interface, paladin and barbarian Guardian.

Sounds intriguing enough to me to get back into the game!

Well, in the meantime, you decide whether this legendary game is worth your attention or not, just below, as usual, you can watch the trailer for the new module.


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