Apple held another presentation, this time showing the new MacBook Pro. Their feature is the M3 processor, and in 3 versions: M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max.

If you look at this graph, you can understand that the M3 is 25% better than a 12-core processor on a PC. This is clearly a knock against Nvidia and AMD, who have been trying to surprise them with the number of cores for years.

CPU power.

But the power of the processor is not as important to gamers as the power of the GPU, that is, the graphics cores. So, M3 is 20% more productive. So we should expect more ports of games both on the new MacBook Pro and on iOS with iPad.

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New MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro line is presented in 2 versions – 14 and 16 inches.

What impressed the audience the most was the new color – “Space Black”. Otherwise the design remains the same.

Pre-orders for the MacBook Pro with M3 are already open, with memory up to 128 GB. The M3 Pro will be available on November 7, and the M3 Max will be available to order at the end of November.


  • 14″ M3 – $1,599;
  • 14″ M3 Pro – $1,999;
  • 14″ M3 Max – $3,199;
  • 16″ M3 Pro – $2,499;
  • 16″ M3 Max – $3,499.

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