CD Project Red continues to patch up the third The Witcher after last year’s major update. Today we are updating to version 4.02. Below is a list of major changes.

  • Improved CPU core usage in DirectX 12 version.

  • Restored diffuse HBAO shading. Players who have disabled ambient shading will need to enable it again. This setting can be changed in Settings → Video → Graphics.

  • Fixed a bug due to which the translation of the “My Rewards” section in REDLauncher was missing.

  • Fixed an issue that caused landscapes in Toussaint to flicker when NVIDIA HairWorks was turned off.

  • Fixed an issue with particle optimization that was causing short frame delays.

  • Improved performance mode on new generation consoles.

  • Fixed an issue that caused characters to become blurry during dialogue and cutscenes on PlayStation 5.

  • Fixed a memory usage issue in ray tracing mode that would sometimes cause crashes on Xbox Series X.

  • On New Generation Consoles, the game will no longer crash if Geralt moves away from Shani after starting a conversation during the “Who Sows the Wind…” quest.

  • Fixed an issue where quick saves would not load when using Cross Save on Xbox One.

  • Added missing “Swords – Top Grade!” (two) on previous generation consoles.

  • Fixed an issue with overwriting manual saves that caused the earliest saves on PlayStation 5 to be deleted in some cases.

  • Fixed performance issues that occurred in Bokler and Novigrad after loading a save.

  • Added ray-traced reflections and refraction for screen-space reflections – water now looks more natural.

  • Fixed a bug related to brick textures that caused black artifacts to protrude from stone vaults.

  • Added motion blur slider. This setting can be found in Settings → Video → Graphics.

  • Fixed an issue where the “Prepare for Battle” quest was missing a dialogue option to update the “Tell Avallac’h it’s ready” objective.

  • Fixed a bug due to which the door of the warehouse in the mission “Case of National Importance” no longer opened if the player knocked, entered and immediately left the building.

  • Fixed a bug due to which the quest “Ancient Witches: Cat School Upgrades I” remained active even after receiving upgrades.

  • Fixed an issue where, when trying to start a New Game+ from an incompatible save, the player would be unable to launch add-ons in a standalone story mode until restarting the game.

Recall that three new ones are in production at once. The Witcher:

  • Remake of the first “The Witcher”, which makes the studio Fool’s Theory supervised by CD Projekt.

  • The first part of the next trilogy.

  • The Witcher from the studio The Molasses Floodknown from The Flame in the Flood And Drake Hollow.

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